This is Mike's first solo album. He approaches music as he would a painting: finds colors, collaborates with other artists, then adds and deletes layers until completely fuckin' sick.

THE F-BOMBS: Sketchy Music for Sketchy People
'Nuff said.

BAKER LONDON: Does Nothing
Originally from Minneapolis, relocated to Olympia. These guys fuse the Jayhawks with The Beach Boys.

RYAN BEAUCHAMP: Seven Shadows Band
One of the more prolific musicians in the Columbia Basin hailing from Omak, a piece of coal in the rough, Ryan Beauchamp is more artist than musician and has masterminded compositions of complexity and subversive power. Try it if you dare.

GHOST POWER: Human Decay
The o thousands Wenatchee punk band responsible for putting underground and under-recognized music on the NW map.

LOVE SONGS FROM THE HATED: Live at Wally's 5-20-11
Becca Bockelie fronts Billman and Mike to lovely drunken bar ballads.

THE WREKS: Fueled by Food Stamps & Ten Wrek'd Songs
Mike-G, Chuckles, Crazy Legs, and Scottzilla. The original Wenatchee Valley house party drunks. But Mike's a really good songwriter - it's crazy good!!